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Excel Hack Squat / V-Squat / Front Squat Combo

Excel Hack Squat / V-Squat / Front Squat Combo

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The Excel Hack / V-Squat / Front Squat Combo by Muscle D Fitness is a dynamic fusion of innovation and versatility that revolutionizes lower-body training. This state-of-the-art machine seamlessly combines the benefits of the classic hack squat and the powerful V-squat, offering a comprehensive solution for sculpting and strengthening your lower body. Elevate your leg day experience with a machine that delivers unparalleled results and sets a new standard in gym equipment.

Dual-Function Powerhouse: Why settle for one when you can conquer two essential lower body exercises with the Excel Hack/V-Squat Combo? This ingenious machine effortlessly transitions between the classic hack squat for targeting quads and glutes and the V-squat for a deep, intense engagement of the entire lower body. Experience the best of both worlds and amplify your leg day gains.

Precision Biomechanics: Crafted with precision engineering, the Excel Hack/V-Squat Combo ensures a biomechanically optimized range of motion for both hack and V-squat exercises. The smooth and controlled movement enhances muscle activation and reduces joint stress, providing a safe and effective platform for intense lower-body training. Elevate your squats and redefine the way you build strength and muscle.

Ergonomic Excellence: Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to ergonomic excellence. The Excel Hack/V-Squat Combo features a thoughtfully designed footplate and backrest that promote proper form and minimize strain during workouts. Adjustable settings cater to users of all sizes and fitness levels, ensuring a customized and comfortable experience every time you step onto the machine.

Adjustable Versatility: The Excel Hack/V-Squat Combo's easily adjustable settings allow you to tailor your workout to your unique fitness goals. From footplate angle to resistance levels, this machine adapts to your individual preferences, allowing you to continually challenge your lower body in a controlled and effective manner. Versatility meets customization for a leg day experience like no other.

Robust Durability: Muscle D Fitness is synonymous with durability, and the Excel Hack/V-Squat Combo is a testament to that commitment. Built with a robust frame and premium materials, this machine is designed to withstand the demands of intense leg workouts, ensuring longevity and reliability for years to come. Invest in equipment that performs exceptionally and stands the test of time.

Elevate Your Leg Day: Experience the pinnacle of lower body training with the Excel Hack/V-Squat Combo by Muscle D Fitness. Redefine your leg day, sculpt powerful, well-defined legs, and enjoy the convenience of a dual-function powerhouse. Elevate your workout – embrace the convergence of innovation, precision, and durability with the Excel Combo. Unleash the power within and transform your lower body training experience.


  • Size: 70" x 62" x 72"
  • Weight: 300 lb
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70" x 62" x 72"
Weight: 300 lb

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