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Muscle D Fitness

5 Stack Megatron Deluxe Jungle Gym 3 Colors

5 Stack Megatron Deluxe Jungle Gym 3 Colors

Megatron Multi-Function Equipment

Multi-Gym / Jungle Gym


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Embark on a fitness journey with the 5-stack Megaton Deluxe Jungle Gym by Muscle D Fitness – the ultimate expedition into strength, sculpting, and jungle-inspired intensity! This fitness fortress is not just a gym; it's a wild adventure waiting to unfold in your workout sanctuary.

Feel the power of the jungle with the precision-engineered lat pulldown station – a beast designed to carve out your back with unparalleled precision. Sculpt your lats and unleash the strength within as you conquer this exhilarating challenge.

Transition seamlessly into the low-row station, where the Megaton's ergonomic design engages your back muscles from every angle. With each powerful row, you're not just working out; you're conquering the jungle, leaving no room for anything less than a sculpted masterpiece.

But the thrill doesn't end there – brace yourself for two adjustable hi/low pulley stations that redefine versatility. Customize your workout, experiment with angles, and precisely target specific muscle groups. The Megaton Deluxe Jungle Gym invites you to explore a world of possibilities, ensuring every session is an adventure.

Take your strength to new heights with the multi-grip pull-up station – an essential feature that elevates your upper body training. Engage multiple muscle groups with varying grips, turning your workout into a dynamic, jungle-inspired ascent.

Crafted with durability and precision engineering, the Megaton Deluxe Jungle Gym stands tall as a symbol of excellence in fitness equipment. Its sleek design maximizes space and adds a touch of sophistication to your fitness sanctuary.

Whether you're a fitness warrior ready to conquer new challenges or a beginner stepping into the jungle of gains, the 5-stack Megaton Deluxe Jungle Gym invites you to unleash your inner beast. Elevate your workouts, redefine your limits, and sculpt your body with the primal power of the jungle. Your fitness adventure begins now!

  • 2.5”x 4.5” rugged, 11 gauge steel oval tubing for that extra beefy appearance
  • Instructional placard with directions on every station
  • Multi-chin grips are fabricated with a smooth rubber finished with high-tech aluminum ends and collars
  • The option allows the substitution of 1 Hi/Low Adjustable Pulley column to replace the Tricep Pressdown Station found on the Deluxe 5 Stack Version B (MDM-5SB)
  • 176” L x 134” W x 94” H, 2090 lb
  • 447 cm x 340 cm x 239 cm, 948 kg

Stations Include:

  • 1 Lat Pulldown – 260 lb
  • 1 Low Row – 260 lb
  • 2 Adjustable Hi/Low Pulleys – 190 lb Each
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    Product Information

    Product Specs

    Product Dimension: 176” L x 134” W x 94” H/447 cm x 340 cm x 239 cm
    Product Weight: 2090 lb/948 kg

    Stations Include:
    1 Lat Pulldown – 260 lb
    1 Low Row – 260 lb
    2 Adjustable Hi/Low Pulleys – 190 lb Each

    We would like to inform you that the current photo for our 5-stack Megatron Jungle Gym does not accurately depict the actual product. We apologize for any confusion and assure you that we are working to update the photo promptly. It's important to note that this discrepancy does not impact the machine's functionality.

    Your understanding is appreciated.

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