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Muscle D Fitness

Commercial Elliptical Trainer - LED Screen

Commercial Elliptical Trainer - LED Screen

Commercial Cardio Equipment

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The Muscle D Fitness Elliptical Glide is the elliptical machine that takes your workout to a new dimension! Get ready to embark on a fitness journey out of this world.

Picture this: you, conquering the cosmos of cardio on the Elliptical Glide. With its sleek design and space-age technology, this elliptical is more than just a workout machine – it's a fitness spaceship! Feel the burn as you glide through the galaxies of resistance levels, sculpting your body with each step.

But wait, there's more – the Elliptical Glide has a dazzling LED display that tracks your heart rate and calories burned and transports you to a virtual nebula as you sweat it out. Immerse yourself in the cosmic experience as you track your pace, time, calories, and intensity. Turning your workout into a mesmerizing light show.

Say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to a universe of fitness possibilities. The Elliptical Glide isn't just a piece of exercise equipment; it's a portal to a fitter, happier you. Blast off into the future of fitness with Muscle D Fitness – because getting in shape has never been this stellar!


  • Large range of Elevation…17.5”
  • LED Display Functions show:
  1. Step Distance,
  2. Time, Calories burn
  3. Heart Rate
  4. Intensity
  • Goal Display:
  1. Total Calories and Time
  • Programs Display
  1. Fat Burning,
  2. Climbing, Intervals
  3. Strength
  • Individual exercise data and heart rate control program, electronic pictures and word display
  • Resistance Adjustment
  1. 20 levels of resistance adjustment
  • 77” x 28” x 67”, L x W x H, 291LB
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