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Muscle D Fitness

Elite Plus Inner/Outer Thigh

Elite Plus Inner/Outer Thigh

Elite Plus Selectorized Equipment


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Ladies and gents, brace yourselves for the Muscle D Fitness Elite Plus Inner/Outer Thigh Wonder – the secret weapon to unlocking the thighs of your dreams! Get ready to sculpt, tone, and define those leg muscles in a workout experience that's anything but ordinary.

Step into the thigh-sculpting realm where the Elite Plus Inner/Outer Thigh Wonder reigns supreme. Crafted with precision and designed for those who dare to show off their thigh-mazing gains, this machine is a thigh transformation station, not just exercise equipment.

Say goodbye to the monotony of leg day, and hello to the thigh fiesta! With the Elite Plus Inner/Outer Thigh Wonder, you're not just working out but dancing your way to sculpted thighs. Feel the burn, embrace the power, and let those inner and outer thighs rejoice with each controlled movement. Adjustable resistance levels mean you're the boss of your thigh-toning destiny.

And let's talk comfort – this isn't your grandma's thigh machine. The Elite Plus is all about smooth, fluid motions that make sculpting your thighs an absolute joy. No awkward positions, no fumbling – just a thigh-sculpting experience that's pure, unadulterated bliss.

Get ready to strut, flaunt, and conquer with the Muscle D Fitness Elite Plus Inner/Outer Thigh Wonder – because why settle for average thighs when you can have elite thighs? It's not just a workout; it's a thigh spectacular. Sculpt your way to thigh greatness with Muscle D Fitness – where every rep is a step closer to thigh perfection!


Dimensions(L x W x H): 42" x 56" x 63"

Weight Stack: 200 lb

Total Weight: 625 lb

  • Large thigh pads swivel quick change between inner and outer thigh exercises
  • Handle release allows the arms to swing in and out for respective exercises
  • Contoured seat for greater comfort while doing inner&outer thigh work
  • Great isolation for inner and outer thigh contouring 
  • Translucent weight shrouds protect the user's hands from the weight  stack
  • 200lbsteel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
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Product Information

Product Specs

Dimensions(L x W x H): 42" x 56" x 63"

Weight Stack: 200 lb

Total Weight: 625 lb

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