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Muscle D Fitness

Elite Plus Rotary Torso

Elite Plus Rotary Torso

Elite Plus Selectorized Equipment


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Prepare to embark on a twisting, turning journey to a waistline wonderland with the Muscle D Fitness Elite Plus Rotary Torso Thigh Dynamo! It's not just a workout – it's a revolution for your core and thighs that'll leave you saying, "Twist me, baby, one more time!"

Enter the gym with a swagger because the Elite Plus Rotary Torso Thigh Dynamo is here to make your abs and thighs the talk of the town. This machine is not just fitness equipment; it's your ticket to a legendary waistline and thigh transformation.

Wave goodbye to mundane workouts, and say hello to the Rotary Torso Thigh fiesta! With this powerhouse, you're not just twisting and turning; you're sculpting a midsection masterpiece and toning those thighs like never before. Picture yourself conquering each rotation, feeling the burn, and sculpting a waistline and thighs that would make Michelangelo jealous.

But wait, there's more! The adjustable resistance levels mean you're not just working out but on a mission to create the perfect storm of core and thigh strength. It's like having your superhero cape but for your abs and thighs!

Comfort? Absolutely! The Elite Plus is all about smooth, controlled movements, ensuring that every twist and turn is a joyride to a fitter, more fabulous you.

Get ready to twist, tone, and triumph with the Muscle D Fitness Elite Plus Rotary Torso Thigh Dynamo – because why settle for an average midsection when you can have an elite one? It's not just a workout; it's a waistline revolution. Unleash your core and thighs with Muscle D Fitness – where every twist is a step closer to fitness glory!


Dimensions(L x W x H): 45" x 46" x 63"

Weight Stack: 200 lb

Total Weight: 600 lb

  • Mid-thigh roller and contoured seat with low back pad lock users into position so that complete torso rotation is possible 
  • Angled hand grip and elbow roller lock upper torso into a fixed yet mobile position for effective targeting of oblique muscles
  • Oblique muscles and the core are isolated for maximum results 
  • Several start positions depend on the flexibility of the user
  • Cam delivers variable resistance throughout the entire exercise
  • Translucent weight shrouds protect the user's hands from the weight stack
  • 200 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin 
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Product Information

Product Specs

- Dimensions(L x W x H): 45" x 46" x 63"
- Weight Stack: 200 lb
- Total Weight: 600 lb

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