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Muscle D Fitness

Excel Abdominal/Oblique Crunch

Excel Abdominal/Oblique Crunch

Abs / Core

Excel Leverage Line


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Introducing the pinnacle of core training innovation – the Excel Abdominal/Oblique Crunch by Muscle D Fitness. Engineered to perfection, this cutting-edge machine redefines the standard for abdominal and oblique workouts, offering a revolutionary approach to sculpting a strong, chiseled midsection.

Precision Targeting: Achieve precision in every crunch with the Excel Abdominal/Oblique Crunch's biomechanically optimized design. This powerhouse of a machine ensures targeted activation of your abdominal and oblique muscles, allowing you to carve out definition and build core strength like never before. Experience a workout that goes beyond the surface, engaging deep-seated muscle fibers for unparalleled results.

Intelligent Design: Crafted with an emphasis on form and function, the Excel Abdominal/Oblique Crunch features an intelligent design that accommodates users of all fitness levels. The ergonomic seat and adjustable settings ensure a customized fit, providing a comfortable and effective workout experience. Say goodbye to generic ab exercises and welcome a machine that adapts to your unique physique and goals.

Versatility Redefined: This machine is not just an ab cruncher; it's a versatile powerhouse for comprehensive core training. With the ability to independently target both abdominal and oblique muscles, the Excel Abdominal/Oblique Crunch offers a 360-degree approach to core development. Sculpt your midsection with precision and enjoy the freedom to diversify your workouts for a well-rounded core.

Cutting-Edge Resistance: Challenge yourself with adjustable resistance that adapts to your evolving strength levels. The Excel Abdominal/Oblique Crunch ensures that your core workouts remain effective and challenging, allowing continuous progress and growth. Whether you're a fitness novice or a seasoned pro, this machine is your key to unlocking your core's full potential.

Comfort and Durability: Muscle D Fitness is synonymous with quality, and the Excel Abdominal/Oblique Crunch is no exception. Focusing on durability and user comfort, this machine is built to withstand rigorous use while providing a comfortable and stable platform for your workouts. Invest in a piece of equipment that delivers exceptional results and stands the test of time.

Elevate Your Core Training: Experience the evolution of core training with the Excel Abdominal/Oblique Crunch by Muscle D Fitness. Elevate your fitness journey, redefine your core strength, and unveil a sculpted midsection that commands attention. This machine isn't just about doing crunches but transforming your core. Unleash the power within – redefine your core with the Excel Abdominal/Oblique Crunch.


  • Size: 42" x 58" x 62"
  • Weight: 315 lb
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Size: 42" x 58" x 62"
Weight: 315 lb

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