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Muscle D Fitness

Excel Multi-Flight Trainer

Excel Multi-Flight Trainer

Excel Selectorized Line

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Prepare for takeoff and soar to new fitness heights with the Muscle D Fitness Excel Multi-Flight Trainer – the ultimate workout sensation that'll have you feeling like a fitness aviator! Say goodbye to boring workouts and brace yourself for an exhilarating experience that'll leave you saying, "Elevate, meet excellence!"

Imagine stepping into the gym with the confidence of a fitness pilot, knowing that your workout will reach new altitudes – the Multi-Flight Trainer extravaganza! Crafted with precision and designed for those who crave a powerhouse workout that targets every muscle group, this machine isn't just exercise equipment; it's a fitness journey into the clouds.

Say farewell to monotonous fitness routines, and hello to the Excel Multi-Flight Trainer airshow! With this dynamic trainer, you're not just working out but soaring through exercises that command attention and demand admiration. Feel the burn, embrace the pump, and witness the magic as you conquer each rep with the finesse of a fitness aviator.

But here's the kicker – adjustable resistance levels mean you're not just exercising but piloting a symphony of gains. It's like having your fitness co-pilot guiding you to a body that radiates strength and confidence.

And the comfort factor? Top-notch. No more turbulence in your workout routine – just smooth, controlled movements for the ultimate fitness-flight experience.

Get ready to take flight, sculpt, and own it with the Muscle D Fitness Excel Multi-Flight Trainer – because why settle for ordinary when you can have an Excel-ent fitness adventure? It's not just a workout; it's a fitness sensation. Soar into greatness with Muscle D Fitness – where every rep is a step closer to fitness triumph!


  • Isolates deltoids, pectoral, and back muscles
  • The workout chart displays key basic exercises and muscle groups
  • Multifunction machine with well over 12 exercises
  • Bilateral and Unilateral arm motions
  • Carriage with cams has height adjustment with gas assisted, which makes for easy lifting action.
  • Features 180 range of motion on each arm.
  • Multiple starting angle position adjustments
  • Cam delivers an even load throughout the exercise motion
  • A cushioned headrest allows great positioning for rear deltoid, lat, and chest crossover exercises.
  • Dimensions: 30" x 45" x 76"
  • Weight: 430 lb
  • Weight Stack: 200 lb
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