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Muscle D Fitness

Excel Prone Leg Curl

Excel Prone Leg Curl

Excel Selectorized Line

Leg Extension / Leg Curl Machines


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Give those hammies the VIP treatment they deserve with the Muscle D Fitness Excel Prone Leg Curl – the ultimate journey to sculpted and powerful legs that'll have you saying, "Legs, meet excellence!"

Picture this: You, striding into the gym with the confidence of a leg sculptor, knowing that your posterior chain is about to experience the Excel treatment – the Prone Leg Curl extravaganza! Crafted with precision and designed for those who crave a powerhouse workout that targets the back of their legs, this machine isn't just exercise equipment; it's a leg-sculpting masterpiece.

Say farewell to lackluster leg days, and hello to the Excel Prone Leg Curl carnival! With this dynamo, you're not just curling weights; you're sculpting legs that command attention and demand admiration. Feel the burn, embrace the pump, and witness the magic as you conquer each rep with the finesse of a leg sculptor.

But here's the kicker – adjustable resistance levels mean you're not just working out but orchestrating a symphony of leg gains. It's like having your leg maestro guiding you to legs that radiate strength and confidence.

And the comfort factor? Unparalleled. No more awkward positions or uncomfortable maneuvers – just smooth, controlled movements for the ultimate leg-curling experience.

Get ready to curl it, shape it, and own it with the Muscle D Fitness Excel Prone Leg Curl – because why settle for average legs when you can have an Excel-ent pair? It's not just a workout; it's a leg sensation. Stride into leg greatness with Muscle D Fitness – where every curl is a step closer to leg triumph!


  • Adjustable ankle roller pad accommodates all leg lengths
  • Pre-stretch adjustment on the leg arm allows different pre-stretch
  • V-shaped pads secure the upper torso and legs to isolate the hamstring muscles
  • Handles secure the upper torso
  • Anatomically correct cam for precise hamstring development
  • Dimensions: 64" x 40" x 61"
  • Weight: 400 lb
  • Weight Stack: 200lb
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Dimensions: 64" x 40" x 61"
Weight: 400 lb
Weight Stack: 200lb

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