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Power Leverage Leg Press (Discontinued)

Power Leverage Leg Press (Discontinued)

Power Leverage


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Brace yourselves for the leg day experience of a lifetime with the Muscle D Fitness Power Leverage Leg Press – where raw power meets leg day fun in an epic showdown! Get ready to press, push, and propel your quads into a galaxy of gains! 🦵✨

Quadruple the Quad Power: Hold on to your gym shorts! The Power Leverage Leg Press isn't your average leg day companion; it's a powerhouse of quadricep domination. Prepare to feel the burn, embrace the gains, and unleash quadruple the quad power!

Leverage Like a Legend: Channel your inner fitness hero and leverage your way to legendary legs! With the Power Leverage Leg Press, you're not just lifting weights but conquering mountains of resistance with superhero strength. Avengers assemble? More like quads assemble!

Gains Carnival Extravaganza: Step right up to the Gains Carnival, where the Power Leverage Leg Press steals the show! Experience the thrill of pushing those plates, the excitement of conquering resistance, and the joy of sculpting legs that'll leave jaws dropping. It's a carnival of gains, and you're the main attraction!

Propel Your Gains to Infinity: Blast off into the stratosphere of gains with our Power Leverage Leg Press! This machine isn't just about leg pressing; it's about propelling your fitness journey to infinity and beyond. Sculpt quads that defy gravity and elevate your gains to cosmic proportions!

Game-Changing Leverage Controls: Ready for a leg day game-changer? The Power Leverage Leg Press has controls that put you in the driver's seat. Adjust, conquer, and level up your leg day game with the finesse of a gaming maestro – it's like pressing play on the gains button!

Space Odyssey Leg Day: Don't let space constraints cramp your leg day style! The Power Leverage Leg Press is your spaceship to leg-day greatness, ensuring you can embark on a space odyssey of gains without needing a launchpad. Prepare for lift-off without the need for a NASA-sized gym!

Leg Day Extravaganza Spectacle: Prepare for a leg day spectacle with the Power Leverage Leg Press! Watch in awe as the machine turns your leg day into an extravaganza of strength, power, and show-stopping gains. This isn't just leg day; it's a performance!

Comic Book Gains, Real-World Results: Turn those fitness dreams into comic book reality. The Power Leverage Leg Press isn't just a machine; it's a leg day adventure waiting to happen. Prepare for gains that are out of this world and legs that are straight from the pages of a superhero comic!

Strap in, fitness warriors, because the Muscle D Fitness Power Leverage Leg Press is about to take your leg day to new dimensions! Unleash the superhero within, press those plates, and sculpt legs destined for greatness!

PL-P-LP - MDP-2001

  • A pre-start lever allows the user to start leg presses in the extended position
  • Pivoting, large Leg Press platform keeps feet in a comfortable position
  • Very deep travel for full leg and glute muscle development
  • Pillow block bearings ensure smooth leg-pressing motion
  • 60” L x 80” W x 57” H, 363 lb
  • 145 cm x 158 cm x 173 cm, 165 kg
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