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Muscle D Fitness

Light Commercial Recumbent Bike

Light Commercial Recumbent Bike

Exercise Bikes

Light Commercial Cardio Equipment


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Redefine your fitness journey with the Muscle D Fitness Light Commercial Recumbent Bike – the ultimate blend of comfort, intensity, and innovation that'll have you pedaling your way to triumph! Say goodbye to mundane workouts and gear up for a recumbent experience that'll have you saying, "Cardio, meet excellence!"

Imagine this: You, settling into the fitness throne with the confidence of a recumbent royalty, knowing that your workout is about to transform into a journey of comfort and calorie-burning triumph – the Light Commercial Recumbent Bike extravaganza! Crafted with precision by Muscle D Fitness, this recumbent bike isn't just exercise equipment; it's a cardio-sculpting masterpiece.

Say farewell to lackluster rides and hello to the Recumbent Bike thrill ride! With this dynamo, you're not just pedaling; you're cruising towards a fitness adventure that commands attention and demands admiration. Feel the burn, embrace the pump, and witness the magic as you conquer each pedaling session with the finesse of a fitness virtuoso.

But here's the kicker – designed for light commercial use, this recumbent bike is perfect for your home gym or small fitness studio. It's like having your cardio kingdom guiding you through a symphony of lower-body gains.

And the comfort factor? Top-notch. With a plush, ergonomic seat, adjustable resistance levels, and an easy-to-read display, every pedal is a testament to Muscle D Fitness's commitment to your fitness journey.

Get ready to pedal it, shape it, and own it with the Muscle D Fitness Light Commercial Recumbent Bike – because why settle for an ordinary ride when you can have an Excel-ent one? It's not just a cardio session; it's a fitness sensation. Pedal into greatness with Muscle D Fitness – where every ride is a step closer to cardio triumph!


  • Console displays Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse, RPMs, and Watts.
  • Use Manual or Quick Start Mode, or choose 12 Hill profile programs.
  • Built-in Pulse monitor
  • Dual Color backlit LCD display.
  • Tablet and Phone bracket holder and USB charger built-in.
  • EZ slide seat adjustment for different leg lengths with mesh backrest.
  • Built-in speakers for wired connection to a cell phone or tablet.
  • Assembled Size: 52” x 25” x 46”
  • Carton Size: 51” x 15” x 26”
  • Net Weight: 124 lbs & Gross Shipping Weight: 139 lbs
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