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Muscle D Fitness

MD Muscle-Flight Trainer

MD Muscle-Flight Trainer

Megatron Multi-Function Equipment


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Introducing the MD Muscle-Flight Trainer by Muscle D Fitness: Elevate Your Functional Fitness!

Are you ready to take your functional fitness to new heights? Prepare for an unparalleled workout experience with the MD Muscle-Flight Trainer, brought to you by Muscle D Fitness. This isn't just a piece of equipment; it's your passport to strength, balance, and agility like you've never experienced before.

Key Features That Will Soar Your Workouts:

  1. Versatile Functionality: The MD Muscle-Flight Trainer is a master of versatility. With its multiple exercise options, you can engage your core, challenge your balance, and strengthen your muscles through dynamic movements.

  2. Rock-Solid Construction: Built to endure the toughest workouts, this trainer is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of your fitness journey. It's tough, durable, and ready for action.

  3. Improve Stability and Coordination: Elevate your balance, coordination, and stability with the MD Muscle-Flight Trainer. Engage your entire body as you perform exercises that mimic real-life movements, preparing you for anything life throws your way.

  4. Compact Design: Say goodbye to cluttered workout spaces. The MD Muscle-Flight Trainer is designed with a compact footprint, making it ideal for both home gyms and fitness facilities.

  5. Guided Workouts: Achieve the maximum benefit from your exercises with our guided workouts. You'll have access to a library of exercise routines that help you make the most of your Muscle-Flight Trainer.

  6. Quiet Performance: Don't let noisy equipment disrupt your workout. The MD Muscle-Flight Trainer operates quietly, allowing you to focus on your fitness without distractions.

Take Flight Towards Your Fitness Goals:

Are you tired of mundane workouts that leave you uninspired? The MD Muscle-Flight Trainer is your portal to an invigorating fitness journey. With its ability to challenge every muscle group, improve your balance, and enhance your coordination, it's a game-changer.

Join the Revolution:

Elevate your functional fitness with the MD Muscle-Flight Trainer by Muscle D Fitness. Experience the dynamic, heart-pounding, and transformative workouts that await you.

Don't wait for functional fitness to come to you; seize it with the MD Muscle-Flight Trainer by Muscle D Fitness. Your journey to strength, balance, and agility starts here!



  •  Isolates deltoids, pectoral, and back muscles
  •  Magnetic Selector pin
  •  Workout charts display exercises


  • Multifunction machine with well over 12 exercises.
  • Bilateral and Unilateral arm motions.
  • Carriage with cams has height adjustment with counterbalanced arms and gas assisted, easy lifting action.
  • Features 360 range of motion on each arm.
  • Multiple starting angle adjustments.
  • Cam delivers an even load throughout the exercise motion.
  • Cushioned headrest allows great positioning for rear deltoid, lat, and chest crossover exercises.
  • Spacious foot platform for anatomically correct multiple body positioning.


  • Width: 31in/79 cm
  • Length: 56 in/142 cm
  • Height: 78 in/198 cm
  • Weight: 560lb/254 kg
  • Weight Stack(in 10lb increments) 160 lb/73 kg
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