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Muscle D Fitness

Megatron Multi-Functional Trainer

Megatron Multi-Functional Trainer

Megatron Multi-Function Equipment


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Prepare to embark on a fitness journey with the Megaton Multi-Functional Trainer by Muscle D Fitness. This groundbreaking masterpiece brings versatility, innovation, and exhilaration to every workout! This isn't just a piece of equipment; it's a game-changer designed to redefine how you sculpt your body.

The Megaton Multi-Functional Trainer features dual swing arm cable stations and takes your training to the next level. Experience the fluidity and freedom of movement as the swing arms respond to your every motion, providing a dynamic and engaging workout experience. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, these swing arms offer a level of versatility that caters to your unique needs.

Crafted with precision engineering and durability in mind, the Megaton Multi-Functional Trainer stands as a symbol of excellence in the fitness world. Its sleek and robust design adds a touch of sophistication to your workout space and signifies that you demand the best in your pursuit of fitness greatness.

Unleash the power of multi-functional training as you seamlessly transition between exercises, targeting specific muscle groups with precision. From chest and back to shoulders and arms, the Megaton Multi-Functional Trainer becomes your fitness playground, offering an array of possibilities that challenge your body in new and exciting ways.

Whether striving for sculpted muscles, functional strength, or overall fitness mastery, the Megaton Multi-Functional Trainer is your ultimate ally. Elevate your workouts, redefine your limits, and embrace the excitement of multi-functional training with the Megaton by Muscle D Fitness – where every rep is an adventure, and every set is a triumph!


  • Dozens of exercises are possible with multi-adjustable arms and swivel pulleys.
  • Arms rotate vertically and horizontally.
  • Exercises include cable crossovers, chest presses, tricep presses, lat pulldowns, squats, rows, and inner/outer thigh kicks.
  • Single or Dual pulley exercises with independent weight stacks
  • The perfect complement to any health club or as a stand-alone in vertical market settings like hotels, condos, apartments, executive fitness centers
  • 2 x 200 lb (91 kg) steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
  • 2:1 Cable Ratio
  • 97" L x 141" W x 98" H, 871 lb
  • 246 x 359 x 249 cm, 395 kg
  • widest point 133" Arms outstretched
  • highest point arm straight up 98"
  • Length per arm 52"
  • between the front feet 85"
  • deep 53"
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