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Muscle D Fitness

Preacher Curl Bench

Preacher Curl Bench


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Prepare to have your biceps doing the happy dance with the Muscle D Fitness Preacher Curl Bench – the ultimate party pad for your arms! Say goodbye to boring bicep workouts and hello to a whole new level of muscle-popping fun.

This isn't your grandma's curl bench; it's a sleek and stylish arm oasis designed to make your biceps scream with joy. The Muscle D Fitness Preacher Curl Bench is like a VIP lounge for your arms, giving them the royal treatment they deserve.

Picture this: you, lounging comfortably on our cushioned bench, ready to unleash a wave of bicep curls that will have everyone in the gym asking, "What's their secret?" With the perfect angle and support, this bench is your personal invitation to a bicep party – and everyone's invited!

But wait, there's more! Our preacher curl bench isn't just about curls; it's a versatile arm sculptor. With the precision engineering from Muscle D Fitness, you can target those biceps and forearms from every angle, turning your workout into a symphony of gains.

Crafted for comfort and engineered for excitement, this bench is more than just equipment – it's a front-row ticket to the gun show. Get ready to flex, pump, and unleash the beast within, all while enjoying the ride on the Muscle D Fitness Preacher Curl Bench party bus!

So, why settle for a regular bench when you can have a Muscle D Fitness Preacher Curl Bench – the life of the arm party? Step up, flex on, and let the gains celebration begin! Your biceps will thank you, and your gym buddies will wonder what secret sauce you've been sipping. Welcome to the arm revolution!


• heavy-duty. Durable tubing
• extra comfortable chest and elbow cushions
• chromed curl bar holders
• 43″ l x 33″w x  39″h, 110 lb
• 109 cm x 84 cm x 99 cm, 50 kg

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