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Muscle D Fitness

Power Leverage Seated Arm Curl

Power Leverage Seated Arm Curl

Biceps / Curl

Power Leverage


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Step into the future of arm training with the Power Leverage Seated Arm Curl by Muscle D Fitness – a groundbreaking piece of equipment designed to redefine how you sculpt and strengthen your biceps. Unleash the power of innovation, precision, and a curl experience that not only targets your biceps but elevates your arm training to unprecedented levels.

Crafted with precision and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the Power Leverage Seated Arm Curl is not just a machine; it's a testament to Muscle D Fitness's dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation in strength training. The heavy-duty construction, a symbol of quality and durability, ensures that this machine becomes your trusted ally in the pursuit of sculpted and powerful arms.

Versatility meets sophistication as the Power Leverage Seated Arm Curl seamlessly integrates into your arm training regimen. Whether you're a seasoned lifter or just starting your fitness journey, this machine adapts to your unique needs, delivering a personalized and effective arm workout that targets your biceps with precision.

Experience the thrill of power and precision as you curl your way to bicep greatness. The Power Leverage Seated Arm Curl's cutting-edge design and adjustable settings allow you to focus on isolating and sculpting your biceps, ensuring each repetition brings you closer to the defined and powerful arms you desire.

Say goodbye to ordinary arm workouts and hello to a revolution in upper body training! The Power Leverage Seated Arm Curl challenges you to embrace the intensity, elevate your arm training, and redefine what's possible – all while enjoying the support and comfort of a Muscle D Fitness masterpiece.

Muscle D Fitness invites you to join the arm revolution with the Power Leverage Seated Arm Curl. It's not just a machine; it's your invitation to an arm-sculpting, strength-defining power party. Are you ready to curl, flex, and conquer with the Power Leverage Seated Arm Curl by Muscle D Fitness? Let the arm gains journey begin!

PL-P-BC - MDP-1018

  • Natural cam action matches bicep muscles’ strength curve
  • Excellent isolation of the bicep muscles with an angled chest pad
  • Precision, EZ Glide seat with Pneumatic lift assist
  • 48” L x 54” W x 50” H, 209 lb
  • 122 cm x 71 cm x 221 cm, 95 kg
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