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Muscle D Fitness

Elite Selectorized Shoulder Press

Elite Selectorized Shoulder Press

Elite Selectorized Line


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Press play on shoulder day fun with the Elite Selectorized Shoulder Press by Muscle D Fitness – the ultimate disco ball for sculpting shoulders ready to hit the dance floor! This isn't just a machine; it's your backstage pass to a workout experience that's as groovy as effective.

Crafted with precision and a sprinkle of joy, the Elite Shoulder Press is here to turn your shoulder workout into a party. Say goodbye to the monotony of ordinary routines and hello to a fitness fiesta where every press feels like a move in the dance of strength.

Take center stage with adjustable weight stacks, customizing your workout to match your unique strength levels. Feel the burn in all the right places while the ergonomic design keeps you comfy and supported, ensuring your shoulders get the disco diva treatment they deserve.

Muscle D Fitness believes in making fitness fabulous, and the Elite Shoulder Press is the dance partner of that philosophy. Durability meets delight, promising a workout as effective as it is entertaining – because sculpting your shoulders should feel like a celebration, not a chore!

Whether you're a fitness dance-floor diva or just looking to add some rhythm to your shoulder routine, Muscle D Fitness invites you to embrace the elite within. Transform your shoulders, break free from the workout blues, and press your way to a sculpted, powerful physique with the Elite Selectorized Shoulder Press. Your journey to shoulder day stardom begins here – let the fitness dance party commence! 💃💪

S-E-SP - MDE-04

  • Convergent overhead pressing motion for great shoulder and tricep development
  • Multiple grip positions for isolating deltoid and tricep muscles
  • One-touch seat height adjustment while seated
  • Contoured seat for greater comfort while pressing
  • 200 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
  • 63″ L x 63″ W x 64 H”, 515 lb
  • 160 cm x 160 cm x 163 cm, 234 kg


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