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Muscle D Fitness

Vogue Inner/Outer Thigh

Vogue Inner/Outer Thigh

Vogue Line


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Sculpt and shape your inner and outer thighs with the Vogue Inner/Outer Thigh by Muscle D Fitness – a masterpiece of style and functionality that redefines how you approach leg training. Step into an era of sophistication, precision, and effective thigh workouts as you unleash the full potential of this sleek and aesthetically pleasing fitness equipment.

Crafted with precision and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the Vogue Inner/Outer Thigh is not just equipment; it embodies Muscle D Fitness's dedication to seamlessly integrating form and function. The modern design and heavy-duty construction are a testament to the quality and durability that Muscle D Fitness consistently delivers.

Versatility meets sophistication as the Vogue Inner/Outer Thigh seamlessly integrates into your comprehensive leg training regimen. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your journey to sculpted and toned thighs, this machine adapts to your unique needs, providing a personalized and effective workout that precisely targets your inner and outer thigh muscles.

Experience the thrill of a thigh machine that offers a fluid and controlled range of motion. The Vogue Inner/Outer Thigh's cutting-edge design and ergonomic features allow you to focus on isolating and sculpting your inner and outer thighs, ensuring each repetition brings you closer to the defined and powerful lower body you desire.

Say goodbye to ordinary leg workouts and hello to a revolution in thigh training! The Vogue Inner/Outer Thigh challenges you to embrace the burn, elevate your leg training, and redefine what's possible – all while enjoying the support and style of a Muscle D Fitness masterpiece.

Muscle D Fitness invites you to join the strength revolution with the Vogue Inner/Outer Thigh. It's not just a machine; it's your invitation to a thigh-sculpting, style-defining power party. Are you ready to tone, flex, and conquer with the Vogue Inner/Outer Thigh by Muscle D Fitness? Let the gains journey begin!

S-V-IOT Inner/Outer Thigh - S326

  • Large thigh pads swivel for quick change between inner and outer thigh exercises
  • Handle release allows the arms to swing in and out for respective exercises
  • Contoured seat for greater comfort while doing inner & outer thigh work
  • Great isolation for inner and outer thigh contouring
  • 150 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin

54.4" x 46.2" x 60"

1381 x 1173 x 1152mm

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